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A Harper's Yuletide  

by Karen Marshalsay

20 old and new tunes for the season arranged or composed by Karen, some with variations, suitable for elementary to advanced players. Arranged in 13 sets, or playable as stand alone tunes.

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£10 for the PDF 

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Contents list and foreword

Sample page - Gloucestershire Wassail

Sample page - Am Baile Geamhraidh Leam Fein

Sample page - Down in Yon Forest

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A Harper’s Yuletide, Old and new tunes for the
season. Arranged and composted by Karen Marshalsay.
Published by Marsharp Music. 2021. 28 pages. 12£ plus
postage in book form or 10£ as a PDF. Available from
This fine collection features 20 Christmas tunes
ranging from beginner to advanced. Sixteen are
traditional and four are Karen’s original compositions.
She has even arranged them in handy suggested sets. A
few of the tunes feature two arrangements, one especially
for beginners. This book will be a wonderful addition to
your holiday repertoire. Karen also includes lyrics and
stories for many selections; great for program notes or
stories when giving a performance.
Techniques and features include syncopation,
harmonics, rolled chords (both in the traditional way
and marked as rolling from top, down), striking the
strings with the back of the fingernails, and grace notes.
Lever changes are limited and clearly marked. A couple
of the more advanced selections include groups of grace
notes, really something different. Karen also introduces
a unique technique called “Angelique” — which means
to play near the neck of the harp. This creates a new and
different timbre. Keys include C, G, D, F, and Bb. There
are no fingerings or placings marked. You will enjoy
this book.


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