The Clarsach Collection Volume 2 Intermediate

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Volume 2 Cover
Volume 2 Cover
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Volume 2 Back Cover
Volume 2 Back Cover
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A Scots Tune  Air


MacKinnon’s Brook   Strathspey


The Kilt is My Delight   Reel


An Drochaid Chlùiteach  Reel


Cuttie’s Wedding   Strathspey


The Battle of the Somme  Retreat March


Da Day Dawn   Slow Air


The Rhymer’s Reel / The Elfen Queen/ The Fairy Piper’s Jig (from Thomas the Rhymer)


The Boy’s Lament for his Dragon  2/4 March


The Red Haired Girl of Tulloch  Strathspey


Snow on the Hills   Slow Reel


Tracy’s Wriggly Jig  Jig


The Twenty-Fifth String  Slow Air


St Anne’s Reel   Reel


Willafjord   Reel




About this music


These are some of my favourite Scottish tunes, along with a few of my own compositions. I have added some fingerings and grace notes to give an idea of how I would play them, though of course, in traditional playing you don’t have to stick rigidly to the written arrangement. Indeed some variation in terms of decoration and accompaniment would be expected of a good trad player. Try these fingerings out, even if they seem a bit strange to you, as they help with the rhythm and feel of the pieces. Afterwards, if you’d rather change them, then do what suits you.


I’ve gathered these tunes into my repertoire over quite a few years and have learned them from many different sources, some from folk I’ve played with and others from folk I’ve taught! Thanks to all those in both categories for the music and the fun.


Quite a few of these tunes are dance tunes, but remember that they don’t need to be played all that fast – the rhythm and phrasing are much more important than mere speed –so never try to play any faster than you can comfortably manage.


Karen Marshalsay

Glasgow, 2010

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