The Clarsach Collection

This 3 volume series is a graded collection of Scottish tunes arranged in traditional style for levered, gut-strung clarsach by Karen Marshalsay, clarsach tutor for 7 years at the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music at Plockton. Volume 1 is aimed at elementary players and is grades 1-3, volume 2 is for intermediate players and is grades 4-6. Volume 3 is for advanced players, covering grades 7-8 to diploma level.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3


Taylor's Miscellany is a  book intended for new players of small gut-strung lap harps, but would also be suitable for beginners on modern clarsach.

Key Techniques for Harp is a set of 100 exercises and studies of techniques which are useful for players of all types of harp, including gut, especially for ornamentation.

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