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Guid Scots Sangs

Arranged as Instrumental Airs for Small Wire-Strung Clarsach    

Publication date:  4th April 2014    £12

This book contains arrangements by Scottish harper Karen Marshalsay, of songs she learned, loved, and sang during her Ayrshire childhood. Tales of battles, Jacobite risings, life on the road or on the seas, the supernatural, love and loss, are set out for a range from G below middle C up to treble D. Ornamentation, damping, gestures, and fingerings are all written in and clearly explained. Although these are intended to function as instrumental airs, the words are given as it's important to know what a song is about, and of course, you might want to sing it too! The texts have comprehensive glossaries for those unused to Scots recordings are available from the website to help learn the pieces.

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Where Two Hawkes Fly          words & music R. G. Browne 1
Huntingtower 2-3
I Once Loved a Lass 4-5
The Haughs o Cromdale 6-7
Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie 8-9
Willie's Gan tae Melville Castle 10
Come All Ye Tramps an Hawkers 11
The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie 12-13
Fine Flooers in the Valley 14
Annie Laurie 15
Ca the Yowes 16
Fareweel tae Tarwathie                   George Scroggie 17
Abbreviations, symbols & techniques used 18



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