Taylor's Miscellany : Scottish Tunes Arranged for Small Gut-Strung Harp and New Players by Bill Taylor

Publication date: 15 October 2012          £12


This book is aimed at new and inexperienced players with small gut-strung harps of about two and half octaves. Fingerings, placement brackets and ornamentation are given in this progressive introduction to Scottish music on the harp. Airs, lullabies, marches, jigs, and reels, from a variety of sources, are included along with recent compositions.

Recordings of the pieces by Bill are available here as mp3 audio files. These are intended as learning aids.

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I'll gae nae mair to your Town / Ratha Fair

Three Scottish Lullabies

Mackenzie's Farewell

Gille Beag, O

Fhuair mi pòg o laimh an rìgh

Morgiana in Spain

The Barnyards o' Delgaty

Wo betyd thy weary bodie

U-gu-vi-u, Port na maighdinn Chuain

'S mi air cragan na sgurra

Caidil m' ulaidh  James Thomson

Tree Dance  Bob Pegg

Scotch Cap or Edinburgh Castle

Scottish Branles

The Foula Reel / Da Foula Reel / Da Auld Foula Reel

Pictish Lullaby  Bill Taylor

Butter'd Peas




Karen Marshalsay
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